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The Technology Quiz

 A splendorous quiz for all enthusiastic techies out there who are waiting to explode their knowledge of tech out into the world.

Itihaas Ki Rajneeti

The History & Politics Quiz

A multifaceted Quiz sizing your knowledge in history and politics.


The Fandom Quiz

 A spell- binding (literally) quiz for the chosen ones.


The Football Quiz

The time has to pull up your socks, not to show your skills on the ground, but to show your knowledge about the game.


The Business & Economics Quiz

An opportunity in the form of a quiz for you to show and explore your knowledge encompassing the noble fields of Business and Economics.


The Mythology Quiz

A myth or a legend is not simply made up of vacuum. Nothing is or can be! Somehow there is a kernel behind it.
However distorted it may be!


The Fitness Quiz

The number on the scale doesn’t define you but the number on our score-board will definitely judge you about your knowledge on health and fitness.



Enjoy that rush of adrenaline when you score a goal......well then you're in the right place.


The Fun Event

Finally a place to reward you for all your late night binging sessions of Friends, HIMYM, Big Bang Theory and Sacred Games!


The Politics Quiz

Do you spend time predicting the loss and victory in elections, shout amid political debates you aren't part of and work out solutions to never ending controversies? Then come and give a test to your politique aptitude


The Cricket Quiz

Be a champion or get bowled out. Can you play the longest innings?


The Business Quiz 

Come check and crack the business world with us in an entrepreneurial spirit. Rekindle in you the desire to learn and grow and see if you can be the maestro.


Illume is the flagship Annual Fest of the Quiz Society, SRCC. It consists of national-level quizzing events with a footfall of around 5000+ participants. With a plethora of quizzes on a wide array of subjects, it is one of the most eagerly awaited quizzing events at the University of Delhi.

Illume is a national level quizzing festival with a massive footfall of around 5000+ people encompassing participation from DU and other institutions.

A plethora of quizzes with the most twisted questions on a wide array of subjects, it's one of the most eagerly awaited quizzing events in the University of Delhi.

The participants win exciting prizes worth INR 1 lakh!

Berm Them All

Internet Culture Quiz

Love video games, social media, memes and online content ? Show off your knowledge in the trendiest quiz of the year!

Off The Field

The Sports Quiz

Get to your feet for a mind-boggling

Sports Quiz !

Around The World

Travel &Heritage Quiz

Travel places virtually and satisfy your wanderlust sitting at home with this amazing Travel and Heritage quiz!

Quiz Pro Quo :

Open General Quiz

A quiz which couldn't be more diverse, a quizmaster ready to quench the thirst of those seeking facts and trivia, and prizes worth the trade off. Quiz Society is proudly conducted the Open General Quiz, Quiz Pro Quo hosted by Major Chandrakant Nair, under our flagship event ILLUME'21.

Major Chandrakant Nair has made his mark in the quizzing fraternity over the past decade having hosted over 700 quizzes for prominent institutions including all the major IIMs, AIIMS, several IITs and NITs.

General Quiz

A quiz which couldn't be more diverse, a quizmaster ready to quench the thirst of those seeking facts and trivia, and prizes worth the trade off.


 We bring to you SALEM Quiz on 5 most interesting topics of MELAS with a bit of uno reverse attached to it.


Pull up your socks for the most colossal and prize rewarding Eco-Biz-Fin Quiz of the year.

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